Name Me Results

While I was resting up in my mommy's womb, everyone was allowed to give suggestions and vote on my middle name. Some of the suggestions were good. Some were bad. Some were just plain ugly. The following is the results of the vote. The number is the average of all 575 votes from -1 meaning the voters hated it to +1 meaning the voters loved it.
Julian Alexander Wagner+0.72The winner!
Julian Tyler Wagner+0.48This is my daddy's suggestion.
Julian Austin Wagner+0.44This is my great-grandpa's name.
Julian Toro Wagner+0.32This is my mommy's suggestion.
Julian Xavier Wagner+0.20Sounds like a comic book criminal.
Julian Addison Wagner+0.12Sounds nice - sort of like Alexander.
Julian Graeme Wagner+0.00This is my gramdma's suggestion.
Julian Vincent Wagner-0.12From my Mommy's name, Vincini.
Julian Pedro Wagner-0.13Pedro? What were you guys thinking?
Julian Napoleon Wagner-0.13At least it is better than Pedro.
Julian Bubba Wagner-0.17Some trailer folk must have been voting.
Julian Taylor Wagner-0.20My daddy thought this was an alternative to Tyler.
Julian Nicholas Wagner-0.20From St. Nicholas since I'm a Christmas baby.
Julian Roger Wagner-0.22My grandpa's name.
Julian Avery Wagner-0.24Like the labels?
Julian Henry Wagner-0.28My great-grandpa's name.
Julian Styles Wagner-0.40OK - we're getting into the weird names now.
Julian Cordell Wagner-0.44And weirder...
Julian Debaggio Wagner-0.72And weirder still.
Julian Sean Wagner-0.80There's enough of those in the family already.
Julian David Wagner-0.84Innocent enough - wonder why nobody liked it.
Julian Vern Wagner-0.95You're joking, right?
Julian John Wagner-0.96My grandpa's name.
Julian Sonic Wagner-0.98I am not a hedgehog!
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