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This is a mini-journal. For more information, you'll want to see my albums or videos. The project is a month-by-month collage that Daddy is working on.

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(Dec 29) We're off to Grandpa Tucci's house for the new year.
(Dec 22) We're going to Grandma's house for Christmas. I'm going to see Aunt Christine and Uncle Steve and my cousins Joshua and Michael. I like playing with Michael.
(Dec 12) I'M ONE YEAR OLD TODAY! I had breakfast with Daddy before he went to work and Mommy is taking me to the beach. I helped make homemade banana pudding last night and we'll have it tonight.
(Dec 1) I got my first haircut.
(Nov 24) I had a great time visiting Grandpa and Grandma. I met my cousin Gavin. I chased a dog. I chased a cat. I played in snow. I sat on Santa's lap. I rode on a train. Now, I'm back home with all my toys.
(Nov 18) We're flying to Kansas City to visit Grandpa and Grandma for Thanksgiving.
(Nov 1) I only ate half a tootsie roll, but I had a terribly tummy ache this morning and I had to go to the doctor. I'm feeling better now.
(Oct 27) I played in the McDonalds playground. Mommy went into the plastic tubes with me.
(Oct 23) Daddy left the gate at the bottom of the stairs open and I figured it is time to learn to climb up them. Mommy was upset, but still took a picture.
(Oct 12) I went to Grandma's house for the weekend. Mommy and Daddy stayed home and worked on the house.
(Oct 1) Mommy's camera has been broken - so we didn't take pictures lately. We bought a new one tonight. Also, I have two pointy fangs coming out of my top gum now - like a little vampire.
(Sep 21) Two more videos: Waking Up and the Laughing Cup Game.
(Sep 15) I have four teeth now. I got my middle two on bottom and one just to the right of those. On top, I have one of my canines.
(Sep 13) I just learned that I can climb on top of things. I'm not limited to the floor anymore.
(Sep 7) I went to the beach with Mommy. She took pictures and a little video.
(Sep 6) I have two teeth now. I'm finally wearing my Chiefs outfit.
(Aug 18) We got our family photos taken today.
(Aug 12) A busy weekend. I saw Grandma and Grandpa and the ladies Daddy works with and all the neighbors. But, daddy forgot the camera.
(Aug 3) My cousin Gavin was born today!
(Jul 29) I have a tooth now!
(Jul 23) I can crawl now!
(Jul 4) Adding more videos and pictures. We're going to watch fireworks from Daddy's office tonight (if I can stay awake).
(Jul 1) I added a couple videos. They take a lot more work than putting pictures online.
(Jun 25) I got my first profits off my Disney stock: 46 cents!
(Jun 12) I'm the big SIX-M-O today! Also, I learned to make fart noises with my mouth. It is so cool!
(Apr 29) I just got back from my first airplane trip to Kansas City to see Grandpa Roger and Gramdma Connie (and Uncle Scott and Aunt Lindsay and Cousin Hayley and Cousin Riley and Cousin Blake and so many more!!!)
(Apr 20) I ate solid food (rice meal in milk) for the first time. Now I have a tummy ache.
(Apr 17) Daddy made me a whole new albums interface. It is easier to use now.
(Apr 9) Mommy tickled my belly and I made a funny noise. Then she ran to daddy to tell him that I made my first laugh.
(Mar 14) I complained until daddy let me use his computer. I typed my first message:
, xsphuuuuc limn-vk n  .?// klk  '              m,m,'E	
(Mar 12) I wrapped up my third-month gallery. I guess it is time to start another one. Man, I'm getting old!
(Mar 4) I added a couple more pictures from last week.
(Feb 23) I picked out new pictures to put in my gallery.
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