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This is a mini-journal. For more information, you'll want to see my albums or videos. The project is a month-by-month collage that Daddy is working on.

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(Dec 28) Grandma Florence took us to the Edventure Children's Museum.
(Dec 19) I got my green belt.
(Dec 12) I got to choose my birthday dinner. We went to Miyabi Kyoto because I love watching the guy cook right at our table.
(Dec 8) I had my birthday at Blackbeard's Cove.
(Dec 1) We are heading home. I had a great time in Antigua. We stayed in a house right on the beach, right next to a beach restaurant. I learned to boogie board. I drove a golf cart (they drive on the wrong side of the road). I drove a boat. I found out that I love coconut soda and coconut smoothies. I also found out that I like fish, so I will eat a lot more fish from now on.
(Nov 17) We are flying to Antigua to see Grandpa Tucci and Grandma Paula.
(Nov 16) Grandma and Grandpa came to my school for a Thanksgiving lunch.
(Oct 31) I am too sick to do Halloween this year. I had a great Army uniform with Colonel insignia.
(Oct 13) Grandma Florence took us to the state fair. I rode on an elephant.
(Oct 6) Our car broke, so Daddy had to get a rental car. All they had was a huge truck, which is cool. It smelled like cigarettes, which was not cool.
(Sep 29) I helped the Lowcountry Highrollers put their derby court together, so I got to watch roller derby for free. (Sep 23) We drove through the Smokey Mountains and stopped at the highest peak this side of the Rocky Mountains.
(Sep 22) Grandma Connie took us to Santa's Land, the coolest fun park for little kids.
(Sep 21) We went to Cherokee, NC to meet up with Grandma Connie.
(Aug 26) We went to the beach to celebrate finishing my first week of school.
(Aug 22) My first day of kindergarten. I think my uniform makes me look like a mailman.
(Aug 19) I just found out that I got into Blessed Sacrament School.
(Aug 8) Baskin Robbins had a grand opening here, so we got free ice cream and face painting. I was spiderman.
(Jul 20) We moved back into our townhouse.
(Jul 15) Daddy built a big loft in our room.
(Jul 14) Harry and I were knights at Adalines Birthday Princess Tea Party.
(Jul 7) We went to one of my favorite places, Bee City.
(Jun 17) I wanted to help Daddy dig holes for the fence posts. It is really hard work, so I mostly watched.
(Jun 13) I have a cavity and I have to get a filling.
(May 19) I went to Grandma's house and played with my cousin Michael.
(Mar 19) We took our Charleston Explorers passports downtown and got a bunch of stamps in it.
(Mar 10) We built rockets and took them to the park. They actually shot high up into the air and came back down with parachutes.
(Mar 2) It was circus day at school. Mommy and Daddy came to watch our circus. I was the fireman.
(Feb 25) We went to a birthday party at the YMCA gym. I really liked the trampolines and balancing beams.
(Feb 19) We picked up Daddy at the airport and we all went to the Museum of Life and Science. It is the best museum I've ever been to.

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