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This is a mini-journal. For more information, you'll want to see my albums or videos. The project is a month-by-month collage that Daddy is working on.

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(December 31) We drove to Kansas City to see family. Baby sister got to stay in her first hotel. I showed her how to jump from bed to bed. Mommy said I could stay up until midnight, but I fell asleep around 10:00.
(December 25) Guess what!? I woke up and there were tons of presents under our Christmas tree.
(December 16) Mommy and Daddy left me with a babysitter. When they came back, Daddy had a huge tree and he brought in inside the house. It is in our living room now and Mommy is letting me hang pretty ornaments all over it.
(December 13) I'm 3 now, so Daddy got rid of my Winnie-the-Pooh website and made me a big-boy website.
(December 12) We went to Chuck E. Cheese for my birthday. Tons of people showed up: Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt, Uncle, Cousins, Friends, and Neighbors!
(November 24-25) We went to The Magic House two days in a row. I had so much fun that I nearly made myself sick.
(November 14) We went back to Capital Mall in Jefferson City. I had a great time. On the way home, I felt sick. Daddy pulled over as fast as he could into Beck Motors. Just as he went to open the door, I threw up all over my shirt, my pants, and my seat. So, Mommy took care of my sister while Daddy cleaned me up and let me play in the front seat. He then cleaned my seat and the car. By that time, I had figured out that could stick quarters behind the horn on the steering wheel so it honked when you wiggled the wheel. Daddy ignored it and took me on a trip down the street to find a shirt, since the only clean clothes I had was a diaper and socks. The first gas station was out of all clothing. So, we went further down the street to Big Bear's Quick Shop. They had two bright orange shirts left. One was XL. One was XXL. Daddy bought me the XL shirt and put it on me. Then, he saw that it wasn't just orange, it had something on the back: the phrase "Real hunters look for a good rack" and a silhouette of a buxom woman. He had Mommy come pick us up (she got the quarter out of the horn) and we made it all the way back home. All in all, I had a great trip: tons of fun at the mall and I got a cool new shirt.
(November 4) I used my potty three days in a row!!!
(November 3) I used my potty two days in a row!! Mommy made it easier by putting it in the living room so I can watch cartoons while I sit. She's really smart.
(November 2) I used my potty instead of pooping in my diaper!
(October 31) I went trick-or-treating with Collin and we both got tons of candy. I ate a lot, but then my tummy felt bad and I had to throw up in the toilet. Then, I ate more candy to feel better.
(October 28) Grandma came to play with me because Mommy and Daddy took baby sister to the doctor.
(October 17) We finally took a road trip. They are rare since my sister was born. We went to Capital Mall in Jefferson City. They have two play areas. I can't wait to go back.
(September 12) I went to Messy Art Day, but I didn't want to get too dirty. That was good because then we went to the Fire Station and I got to climb up inside the ladder truck.
(September 5) Gavin came to visit (along with Grandma and Aunt Lindsay). We stayed up late playing and playing and playing.
(August 24) Daddy is teaching again. I like it more when he works at home so I can push my trucks around on his desk.
(August 20) Grandpa Tucci came out to see me (and my sister). I took him on a hike all around our neiborhood.
(August 9) I went to get my picture taken with all my cousins. Now Grandma and Grandpa have a picture of all of us.
(July 19) I have two Grandmas here and a new sister.
(July 18) My sister was born. I'm a big brother now.
(July 16) Daddy left after dinner and I got real angry about it. Then, he came back with Grandma! I'm not angry anymore.
(July 11) Mommy felt good enough for a day trip so we went to the family reunion at Camp Windermere. I spent most of the time playing with my cousin Gavin. I did meet a lot of family that I've never seen before and I got to explore a cool cave with mud puddles that I loved to splash in.
(July 7) We went bowling. After seven frames, I got bored with pushing a ball down the lane.
(July 4) Mommy is letting Daddy show me how to shoot bottle rockets off the back porch. I have to hold my hands over my ears because they are loud.
(July 1) Mommy went to the doctor and he said my little sister will be coming out any day now.
(June 27) Before heading home, we stopped by Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World. They have a lot of real fish and boats.
(June 26) We went to Springfield and yet another Chuck E. Cheese's. Since it is a long drive, we stayed in a hotel for the night.
(June 25) For lunch, we went to Kokomo Joe's. Daddy and I raced around in a very fast and very bumpy go kart.
(June 24) We went out to see the lightning bugs. One nearly landed on my nose.
(June 20) We took a day trip heading east. We ended up in Sullivan. We ate lunch. I spilled my bubbles all over myself. Then, we played in the park until I was tired and took a nap all the way home.
(June 19) The astroturf arrived for the porch. It was heavy and Daddy cut his finger trying to get it to fit the porch. It is in now and I can play on the porch without all my toys falling through to the porch below.
(June 18) Daddy and I went to the tool store. I saw flowers there and bought Mommy a big pot with tiny blue flowers in it.
(June 13) We went to The Zone and I asked if I could rollerskate. Daddy let me try (he stayed very close the whole time). I fell a few times, but I had fun.
(June 12) Mommy and I flew in a big airplane all the way back to St. Louis. Daddy picked us up at the airport and we drove back to the apartment. It was a lot of travelling, but I'm happy to be back with my stuff.
(June 9) Mommy and I went to Grandpa's house for a few days of beach fun while Daddy drives the car and all my toys to Missouri.
(May 31) We are spending the weekend with Grandma again because we have to head back to Missouri soon.
(May 23) We went to the Spoleto Festival and acted like tourists. Then, Grandpa stopped by on his way back home.
(May 20) Mommy took me to James Island County Park. I had a lot of fun in the splash fountain.
(May 19) We made it back home to Charleston. I went straight up the stairs to my porch. All my old toys were still there to play with.
(May 16) We went strawberry picking. I picked a bunch of them, but most of them went into my belly instead of the bucket.
(May 15) We made it to Grandma's house.
(May 14) We packed up the car to drive back to Charleston. On the way, we drove through Fredericktown, MO just after a tornado went through a made a huge mess. After a long drive, I got to go to Chuck E. Cheese's in Clarksville, TN. Daddy wanted to get to Knoxville, but I got sick and we had to spend the night in Gordonsville.
(May 10) Gavin had to go home, so we had a picnic at the scenic view park. Gavin likes running around the trees and throwing rocks down the hill also.
(May 9) The Future Farmers of America hosted a petting zoo. Gavin and I petted a bunch of farm animals and I rode a horse for the first time.
(May 8) My cousin Gavin came to visit for the weekend (with Grandma and Aunt Lindsay). Gavin and I ran around and played late into the night.
(Apr 30) I've been getting very concerned about Mommy. She keeps doing things like going to the park with me and making my breakfast even though I tell her over and over, "No! Baby in Mommy's belly!"
(Apr 12) I woke up to find a little egg in my bed. It had a toy in it. I checked the carrots I left out and they were eaten (and so was one of Mommy's muffins). All morning, I kept finding more eggs with more toys in them.
(Apr 11) I put out carrots and a basket to try and lure the Easter Bunny in while I was sleeping.
(Apr 8) We went back to the Children's Museum in Newburg. They are putting in a lot of cool things upstairs. I liked playing with the toy lizards and snakes in the sand. They took my picture and I might end up on their website. Also, we saw a huge ethanol train sponsored by the EPA. Mommy didn't bring the camera, so we didn't take a picture of it.
(Mar 28) Mommy and Daddy told me we were going home today, but surprised me with a trip to Miner Mikes. I rode the train and drove the bumber cars so many times that I was too exhausted to stay awake through lunch and slept all afternoon.
(Mar 26) Gavin and I went to the mall to ride the train and get our photos taken with the Easter Bunny.
(Mar 25) Grandma Gavin and I to Recess. Mommy and Daddy kept telling me to slow down because my ankle is hurt, but I didn't care. I was running and jumping and flying a helicopter and riding in a train... I was so pooped I fell asleep before we got to the car.
(Mar 24) We went to Mark Twain's childhood home and I tripped on the stairs. My ankle hurts real bad if I try to stand on it. Daddy says I sprained it, but all I know is that I'm mad because I can't run and jump. After a few hours in the car, we got to Grandma's house and I played for a long time with my cousin Gavin.
(Mar 23) We went to the City Museum. I thought it was the greatest place ever. Tons of places to run, jump, and slide. I made my first oil painting. I saw a magician. I touched fish, turtles, and bunnies. Mommy and Daddy weren't sure that building a kids playground completely out of cement and steel was a great idea. Then, we went to Hannibal and I had some homemade rootbeer before watching the trains go by, just feet away from me, and then spun around on the merry-go-round until I tried to stand up like the big kids and fell off. I stayed in my first bed and breakfast.
(Mar 22) We went to Fitz Rootbeer for lunch. The bottler was broken, but my lunch was served in a little car. Then, we went to the Transportation Museum and I ran around on a bunch of trains until I was pooped. I slept while Mommy and Daddy got lost trying to find the hotel.
(Mar 14) We went to the St. Pat's Parade. It is Rolla's biggest holiday. My favorite was the firetrucks, but the sirens were very loud.
(Mar 7) We went to a tiny little town about 20 minutes away to see what was advertised as a Children's Museum. It was a nice shell and rock collection by a woman from South Africa. But, while in that town, I found a train caboose I could climb on and Mommy let me walk along the railroad track as far as I wanted to go (which wasn't too far after I got a splinter in my hand and ran back to Mommy).
(Mar 4) We went to the hospital and a doctor put a thing on Mommy's belly so we could see my baby sister. I saw hands and feet and even a little nose. Now she has a web page too: AdalineWagner.com.
(Mar 3) Mommy took me to visit Daddy in his new office. It is a lot tinier than his old office. When we got home, Daddy told me that I have to go to bed early because we are going on a long drive tomorrow morning to find out if I'm going to have a baby brother or baby sister.
(Feb 21) Daddy said it was time to get out of the house, so we all went to Meramec Caverns. I mostly just wanted to play with the water in the back of the cave, so I cried a lot when Daddy drug me along with the rest of the tour group.
(Feb 15) My grandma got a webcam and we had a video-chat tonight.
(Feb 9) We got a new TV and it is bigger than me. I like it, but I'm tired of hearing "no touching!"
(Feb 6) We got up early and drove to St. Louis. I went to the Magic House, then I took a nap, then we went to yet another Chuck E. Cheese's. Mommy and Daddy said that I was extra good all day, so I got a new Thomas the Train DVD.
(Feb 2) We all went to the doctor to see if I'm going to have a little brother or sister, but the doctor didn't check. We have to wait four more weeks for the next appointment.
(Feb 1) I watched the Super Bowl with Mommy and Daddy. After an hour, I was done, but it kept going and going and going. Is it over yet?
(Jan 28) We went to Daddy's new office. Everything was covered in snow. I wanted to play with my trucks in the snow, but it was too cold and made my fingers hurt.
(Jan 24) We drove to St. Louis so Mommy could do major shopping at Costco. We also went to a mall (it didn't have any toy stores) and Chuck E. Cheese's (it was very small and crowded).
(Jan 18) We checked out of the hotel and we'll spend our first night in our new apartment. Daddy let me pick out a movie to buy. I chose "Bob the Bull-digger: Race to the Finish" (he says it is Bob the Builder, but I like saying Bull-digger).
(Jan 16) Grandma came to visit. I showed her all around our hotel and our new apartment.
(Jan 15) The big container with our stuff arrived. Daddy spent hours bringing stuff in. I put all my toys in my room. I forgot I had so many toys. Daddy is complaining because all the hot water is cold and all the cold water is hot in the apartment.
(Jan 9) After looking all week, we chose a new apartment over all the old houses in town. It is close to an elementary school. I can hear the kids playing from my porch.
(Jan 2) We drove to our new home - in a hotel. Daddy told me that I have to enjoy it because it is just temporary while we look for a new house.
(Jan 1) We went to Uncle Scott's house. Grandma came with more presents.
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