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This is a mini-journal. For more information, you'll want to see my albums or videos. The project is a month-by-month collage that Daddy is working on.

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(December 11) We had my birthday so I turned four a whole day early.
(October 15) We went to the South Carolina state fair.
(October 10) Harry came with us to the Magnolia Gardens petting zoo.
(September 6) After Daddy's birthday dinner, we walked by the firestation and they let me get in the firetruck and pretend that I was driving it to a fire. They tried to ask me some trick questions about the firetruck, but I knew all the answers.
(September 5) We went to see the Riverdogs. It was my first time at the stadium.
(September 3) We went to visit Grandpa in Myrtle Beach.
(September 2) I started half-day school again. I am going every weekday this semester.
(August 28) Harry and I went to Bee City. It was Harry's first time, so I showed him all the cool stuff, like the lemurs. They have a building with snakes and toads in it now.
(August 7) We went to the beach with Harry and his parents. Harry and I spent hours playing in the sand and waves until high tide pushed us off the beach.
(July 31) We went to the Aquarium. They have penguins now. I liked watching them. I also liked the sharks and the glowing jellyfish.
(July 27) I went to my first movie: Toy Story 3. The movie was bigger than my TV. It was as big as a building.
(May 24) I got my first real bike. I helped Daddy put it together and then rode it around the driveway.
(May 18) We finally got to see our new house. I have my own room and a garage.
(May 17) Grandma took me to the zoo. I really like the elephants and penguins.
(May 14) Mommy, Adaline, and I flew back to South Carolina. Grandma picked us up at the airport.
(May 1) We went to Old McDonald day at the Fairgrounds. I rode a horse and petted a lot of baby animals. I even got to hold a baby kitten and two baby ducks.
(Apr 25) Grandma called while we were eating lunch to say she was only two hours away. Daddy raced home and packed clothes and diapers. Then, we drove to visit Grandma in St. Louis.
(Apr 18) We went to America's Incredible Pizza Company. I had tons of fun. I raced the go carts and won first place.
(Apr 17) We went to Grant's Farm. I loved the goats. I fed them and brushed them. I also liked the old fire pump wagon and Dolly, the miniature horse. When we were done, Daddy said we would go to the toy store, but he got lost and we never found it.
(Apr 16) Daddy came home in a big truck (a Chevy Suburban) and we went to St. Louis. We stayed at a beautiful hotel in Town and Country and had dinner at Chuck-E-Cheese.
(Apr 4) The lady at the hotel told us that we should visit Memorial Park before leaving town. I played for a good two hours and slept all the way home.
(Apr 3) We went to the big Easter Egg hunt at Truman State University. I only collected orange eggs. Then, I played at the park with Gavin and Grandma until we had to head home. But, Daddy said it was a long trip, so we spent the night in Jefferson City.
(Apr 2) We were supposed to get on the road, but Daddy suggested that we go to the Arch. Then, we had lunch at Fitz's. Finally, we drove and drove and drove until we met cousin Gavin. I was up late playing with Gavin, Aunt Lindsay, and Grandma.
(Apr 1) We went to The Magic House. I played and played until they closed. Then, I was too tired to do anything else and went to bed.
(Mar 20) I wrote a new song. It goes like this:
      (repeat each line twice)
      ♪ The fire alarm goes ring ring ring, ring ring ring, ring ring ring. ♪
      ♪ The firemen slide down the pole. Slip slip slip, slip slip slip. ♪
      ♪ The firetruck goes weeoo weeoo weeoo honk honk, weeoo weeoo weeoo honk honk. ♪
      ♪ The firemen put out the fire. Woosh wossh woosh, woosh woosh woosh. ♪
      ♪ The firetruck goes weeoo weeoo weeoo honk honk, weeoo weeoo weeoo honk honk. ♪
      ♪ The firemen all clean the truck. Swish swish swish, swish swish swish. ♪
      ♪ The firemen all go to sleep. Ahh snooze, ahh snooze. ♪
      (repeat entire song over and over and over and over...)

(Mar 13) I went to see the big St. Pat's parade. I got a bunch of beaded necklaces, a little football, and tons of candy. I saw horses, an armored personnel carrier, and a bunch of fire engines.
(Mar 6) Mommy and Daddy surprised me with a trip to Miner Mike's. I rode the train at least ten times and I'm now big enough to play in the big maze. Our hotel had two bedrooms, so I got my own room. Now, I want to put my bed in my playroom so I can have my own room at home.
(Feb 23) I woke up this morning and announced that I don't want to wear diapers anymore. After having two accidents in my underwear, I had to put on pullups, but I'm going to try to keep the diapers off as much as I can.
(Feb 14) We had to catch Amtrak back home, so we went to Union Station. Since it is a train day, we had lunch at Fritz's Railroad Restaurant.
(Feb 13) I spent almost all day at Crown Center. They have a cool fairy tail land and we had lunch at Crayola Cafe. At night, we went to my Uncle Scott's wedding reception and I got to play with my cousins.
(Feb 12) Instead of driving, we took Amtrak to Kansas City.
(Feb 6) We got a lot of snow. I don't want to play in it because I remember that it makes my hands really cold.
(Jan 23) I went to Collin's birthday at Pump it Up. I had a great time jumping and running all day. I didn't even complain one bit about the long ride home.
(Jan 3) It snowed a lot, but we drove through it all the way back home. I like being back home.
(Jan 2) We drove in the snow back to Kansas City and I got to play with my cousins. They are older now, so they gave me a lot of their old toys.
(Jan 1) We drove to Des Moines and I got to play with my cousin Gavin.
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