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This is a mini-journal. For more information, you'll want to see my albums or videos. The project is a month-by-month collage that Daddy is working on.

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(Aug 18) Back to school. I survived last year. I'm sure I can do it again.
(Jul 9) We went to see Weird Al in concert. We got VIP stuff and great seats close to the stage.
(Jun 27) Our kitten now has a name, Emma.
(Jun 25) We got a new kitten. She looks like a black and gray tiger.
(Jun 15) I have a week of Robot Camp at Sylvan's. I love it.
(Jun 13) Got my report card. I began the year in the 5th percentile. I ended in the 91st percentile.
(May 22) We went to Universal Orlando. It is far better than Disney World. We stayed until they closed the park.
(May 18) We went to Disney World. I rode Space Mountain three times.
(May 12) I got into the math gifted program at school.
(Feb 3) Daddy said that if I learn to ride my bike without training wheels, I can get a new bike. I learned to ride it in one day and got a new bike.

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